Exercises to tone your legs

Many of us want to tone up our legs and are very self conscious of them. If we are not happy with our legs then they may make us self conscious particularly if you are a woman. They may prevent us from doing certain things such as wearing shorts or dresses and feel the need to hide them when on holiday or at the beach.

The legs contain some of the biggest muscles in the body and there are a wide variety of exercises you can do to tone them up. Before you tone them up you may want to partake in some cardiovascular activities so you can burn off any excess fat.

Good exercises for this include running, cycling, swimming and aerobics. These will all work your legs and help burn off any fat. Once you have begun this you can then work on exercises to get your legs toned up and looking better.


Squats are excellent exercises for toning up the legs and are very simple to do. Place your feet hip width apart whilst keeping you knees behind your toes. You then just have to bend your knees as if you are sitting down. Lower as comfortably as you can and then raise yourself back up and repeat the exercise. As you practice this exercise and become more accustomed to it you can increase the
amount that you lower yourself to the floor.


With a lunge you work on one leg at a time. Place one leg in front of the other whilst keeping the knee at the front at a 90 degree angle and keeping the back leg as straight as possible. Then lower your body as low as you can to the floor and then raise it back up again. Do 5 of these exercises and then swap legs moving the back leg to the front and vice versa (source: Instaflex).

Repeat the exercise 5 times. The more your practice this exercise you can increase the amount of repetitions you do and also increase the amount you lower your body.

Calf raises

This is a very simple but effective exercise for the calf muscles. You can do this exercise by standing alone or leaning on a wall with your palms. All you have to do is lift the body up by rising on your toes and back down again. Repeat this exercise 10 – 15 times, slowly increasing the repetitions the more accustomed to it you become.

Hamstring curls

Again this is another very simple exercise which can be performed at home and is great for the hamstring muscles. All you have to do is stand with your feet hip width apart and squeeze the heel of your foot up towards your bottom and down again. You then do the other leg. This can be done quite quickly and easily. Do 15 – 20 of these slowly increasing the amount of repetitions over time.