Health Club Memberships: Monthly Over Pay As You Go

There's a dilemma that you've probably faced when applying for a new health club membership, and that is: a) what membership suits you best, and b) whether to pay monthly or per session. Fortunately for you, this little guide will put you on the right track to making that decision for yourself, so that you can get on with working out and stop having to think about financial value for your health club membership!

Break it Down

When you wish to enroll in a membership at any health club, the plans provided to you will be broken down to ensure that you're choosing the plan that is right for you. Not only is this designed to tailor your workouts, but also to help you save money. Many health clubs will try to throw in extras with your membership, but if they cost money extra, then only accept them onto your plan if necessary.

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For example, if you're taking out a health club membership and the two options available are a simple membership to the gym, and a higher-end membership to both the gym and racquets facilities, but you're not planning on playing racquet sports there, then the obvious option is to go for the cheaper, simpler membership. It's surprising how pushy some gym enrollment staff can be, so always ensure you're bearing in your mind the necessities only, look plexaderm.

Decide How Often You're Going

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Once you've chosen your membership plan it's then up to you to make a decision on how you're going to pay to access the facilities. One thing to bear in mind when making your decision is most definitely how often you're planning on going to the gym to workout. The health club will likely advise you on its complete selection of payment plans, however they should offer a monthly contract and pay as you go as standard.

Many people in increasingly busy lifestyles will find themselves in a situation whereby they can only get to their health club once a week, which equates to roughly 4 times per month. On a monthly membership basis, such infrequent usage is likely to be inviable on your finances, and so you'll want to look at a pay as you go plan. Any more than once a week and you will most likely be better off signing up for a contract with your gym to pay for your membership monthly.

If You Go Monthly, then Stick to it

Going for a monthly contract most normally comes with a minimum term attached to the membership, and therefore provides a slight incentive to use the gym as much as possible; which ensures you're motivating yourself whilst getting best value for money. However, it's very easy to fall into the trap of failing to go to the gym as often as you should to make sure you're getting your money's worth. Therefore, if you do find yourself slipping on a monthly membership basis, be sure either to: improve your attendance to your health club to start making the most out of your investment, or tone down your membership if possible to a pay as you go plan.