Your Weight loss:

Are you over building up the courage to try to go on another restrictive diet that you know deep down inside is setting you up to fail? If your answer is yes, or if you have tried and failed and are stuck in this cycle and you just want to find another way, well your in the right place. Photofit Health and Wellness Coaching is just that, you receive personal coaching regarding your needs, your wants, your goals and everything is tailored to you.

Will your food plan and the exciting process of having food tailored just for you by having your own personal coach as the secret in your pocket. Having someone in your ear offering you a different way to approach a problem that has been haunting you for so long will be your first reward.

You can have someone who understands and is there for you to achieve and that means your not alone anymore, no more restrictive choices, its the opposite... its making choices that are right for a better you, for the person that is trapped in a poisoned body.

There are no powders, no food shakes and no lies.

What you need to see in yourself right now is you are a winning formula, because you are 100% consistent, you have been doing the same thing over and over, so lets educate that part of you and allow it to stand along side your dreams so you can make them a reality.

Begin to understand the Lies you are living.

Advertising = LIES! You are being lied to everyday with all the adds you see and all the promotional activity that surrounds us everywhere we go. You notice it because you want to be a better you, a skinnier you, a leaner you or just to feel full and free from feeling tired and drained from your yourself... You know those days when you wish your head would just "shut up"? well how can it when you are being brain washed? Big companies don't want you to know the truth because the truth is not expensive. Big companies don't want you to be educated with the truth of what your body really needs for you to be successful because it is very attainable and everybody can achieve it with correct education and consistency. All t takes is avoiding processed, man made foods. This is your first steps towards success.

We at Photofit are here to show you the light, to show you the right way to be lean, skinny, ripped or just to get your body back in balance so you can think your own thoughts and make your own decisions not brainwashed by an advertising team. You are your environment and meaning. How are you living you in your brain? Do you have blinkers on? Stop going in circles because you will only find what your desperate for and it will cost you in the long run.

When you realise that going back to the real way the world works and how it benefits your body and mind, it will show you a way back to true health and internal happiness.

We offer you these words, repeat them, learn them, live them and share them.

...If it has not been picked from a tree, don't eat it!
...If it has not been pulled from the earth, don't eat it!
...If it has not been taken from the meadow, don't eat it!
...if it has not been caught from the sky or sea, don't eat it!

A Walk can be more than just a Walk.

We breath in oxygen and breath out carbon dioxide. Oxygen is the fire giver, for without oxygen a flame dies and there would be no fire and no warmth. For human beings oxygen is our life giver, for without it we would die in a few minutes.

The exchanges between oxygen to carbon dioxide with every breath we take, so have you ever wondered how the plants around us breath? Its their breath that keeps us alive by taking our carbon dioxide and giving us the gift of oxygen. Do you treat the plants and trees with respect? Do you see without a healthy earth we would also be unhealthy? The balance is so delicate, health is more than the food you put in your body, it is also reflective to the environment you surround yourself in. Sometimes a walk is more than just a walk.

You need to breath to loss weight

The lungs of plants and trees are very different to ours, their leaves are their lungs. Essentially they breath through their leaves, so a leafless tree in winter has stopped breathing and is hibernating like some animals do in winter. The tree starts to breath again in spring when the young leaves start to come out...(of course you know this, you learnt it in school!) but you have forgotten its magic and how related you are to the tree. If you are tired and have lost balance within yourself its more than being over worked, over weight, stressed and unhappy... You need to remember. It takes more elements than just your wants and external desires to make you happy and balanced and more importantly, satisfied. Knowing this, what you might be missing is your magic and you can't buy this in a bottle, nor can you throw it down your throat. You have to breath it in with your lungs and take it in with your eyes... it is a special substance in the leaves which takes carbon dioxide from the air and breaks it up, dividing it up into carbon and oxygen, it is something so magical, and it's called chlorophyl. We are truly lucky that nature gives us this gift of green even in winter. We don't have to wait for spring to again feel the effects of chlorophyl (unless you keep yourself locked in concrete and sun bake under florissant lights). The magic of green has to be understood, for if you truly cared you would never go without it.

So lets see if I can make you care... We see this special substance everywhere.... it helps your blood breath and stops you suffocating from within. Remember, we are not that far removed from the life cycle of sunlight and leaves because you need both to breath. We need the green around us and inside us as they are both essential to having a healthy outlook on everything.